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In general, fees are calculated on the basis of time spent. The amount will vary according to the field of intervention and the technicality of the matter concerned. The work of staff is always carried out to the instructions and under the control of the partner or partners leading the case. Payment by results may be requested in addition to the hourly rate, under...


All the partners automatically familiarise themselves with all cases handled by the practice, often in several languages, and work on them as a team. This gives greater effectiveness in adopting strategy, and greater responsiveness. The two major principles of the firm are responsiveness towards clients in handling cases, and willingness to listen and be available.


When certain cases require the intervention of specialists (for example industrial matters or environmental law) Cazeau & Associés do not hesitate to bring in specialist collaborators who work regularly with the practice. In this way the firm has developed long-term partnerships particularly with tax experts and accountants, who are often called on in preparing cases, whether advice or...


The law firm CAZEAU & ASSOCIÉS advises and assists clients in various fields of business law, employment law, contract law, intellectual property law and pharmaceutical law.