Le Cabinet Cazeau & Associés a développé une clientèle française, anglo-saxonne et espagnole, et a acquis une expérience reconnue pour ses interventions en matière de négociation de contrats internationaux.

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27 rue du Pont Neuf
75001 Paris

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Nathalie Cazeau has been attorney since 1987 and a member of the Paris bar since 1989. She practiced in a number of international firms before setting up her own practice in 1995, and since has built up a French and international clientele.


  • Individual and collective employment law
  • Intellectual property law and trademark law
  • Contract and retail law
  • Pharmaceutical law
  • The law of companies in difficulty

Trilingual in French, English and Spanish, Nathalie Cazeau works on behalf of businesses on the international level, which she assists as attorney and consultant, mainly in the fields of employment law, distribution law, contract law, and literary and artistic law.

She negotiates and draws up contracts mainly in the sectors of computing, distribution law and pharmaceutical law.

As a consultant, Nathalie Cazeau is often involved in acquisition audits to assess the position of the company, and has developed particular skills in businesses regarding individual and collective work relations, especially when drawing up redundancy plans.
Nathalie Cazeau also assists international businesses in preparing and responding to invitations to tender in the private sector for contracts to provide equipment, in particular computers and telephones.

She has also developed litigation work in literary and artistic property law.

Nathalie Cazeau holds a master’s degree in business law from the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas, a PhD in private litigation from the University of RENNES II.


Nathalie Cazeau has numerous publications on the website VILLAGE JUSTICE, for which she regularly writes.