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In general, fees are calculated on the basis of time spent. The amount will vary according to the field of intervention and the technicality of the matter concerned.

The work of staff is always carried out to the instructions and under the control of the partner or partners leading the case. Payment by results may be requested in addition to the hourly rate, under conditions agreed with the client.

In certain cases, Cazeau & Associés may propose a set fee for their work.

An estimate can be provided if the client wishes.

The client is kept regularly informed of the pursuit and progress of the case and the related costs. Invoices are generally sent monthly.

Cazeau & Associés believe that transparency in the fees they apply is an essential element for mutual confidence between the practice and its clients.

That is why:

  • In most cases, the charging of fees is based on a contract in the form of a written brief or a remit and remuneration contract duly approved by the client;

  • Invoices automatically include details of the services provided.